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Author event: ”Once Upon a Time in Uppsala” – Shirin Amani Azari

Author event: ”Once Upon a Time in Uppsala” – Shirin Amani Azari

STOCKHOLM | Saturday 10th June at 12:00. Free event.

Meet Shirin Amani Azari (author, psychotherapist and activist) as she presents her autobiographical novel of the 12-year-old Shirin arriving from war-stricken Iran to her new home, Sweden. Acclimatising to the weather and culture of Sweden, whilst trying to stay in touch with their Iranian heritage. In conversation with Ryan from the Stockholm bookshop.

STOCKHOLM Saturday 10 June at 12:00
Free event – bring your friends.
Talk & refreshments in our summer courtyard.

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Musical After-Work with Marina Elezovic

Musical AW with Marina Elezovic

STOCKHOLM | Friday 9th June from 17:45. Free event

Wind down after a busy week with a musical AW with friends &  live acoustic music in the bookshop!

Marina Elezovic (MAR) is a Croatian/Canadian indie folk singer songwriter based in London, currently recording her third album. She’ll start performing in our summer street outside the shop and then brings her performance in to our cozy bookshop.

STOCKHOLM Friday 9th June from 17:45
Free event, bring your friends! Snacks & refreshments.

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Book release ”Down to Earth Cooking”

Book release ”Down to Earth Cooking”

STOCKHOLM | Thursday 4th May at 18:00. Free!

Down to Earth Cooking – Quick, Delicious and Nutritious Plant-based Recipes
by Shireen Longva and Sara Hendey

Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious way to help mitigate the climate crisis? Look no further than Down to Earth Cooking! This must-have cookbook offers a wide range of plant-based recipes that are quick, easy, and bursting with flavour.

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply veg-curious, this cookbook is packed with mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy. From soups and salads to main courses and desserts, every recipe is free from dairy, eggs, and refined sugar, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

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Icelandic kvöldvaka & author visit – Sarah Thomas

Kvöldvaka & author visit: Sarah Thomas - ”The Raven’s Nest”

STOCKHOLM | Tuesday 4th April at 18:00 (~20:00). Free event.

Author Visit & Icelandic kvöldvaka: The Raven’s Nest with author Sarah Thomas

Join us in the Stockholm shop for a very special ’kvöldvaka’ evening with Sarah Thomas and her extraordinary ecological memoir, The Raven’s Nest, a story about resilience and learning to belong, set in the elemental landscape of Iceland’s bewitching Westfjords.
The evening is inspired by the Icelandic tradition of ’kvöldvaka’: welcome to bring your knitting, making & mending projects to do as Sarah reads throughout the evening – or just sit back and be transported to your inner landscape and the dramatic landscapes of Iceland.
STOCKHOLM Tuesday 4th April at 18:00 (to about 20:00).
Free event – bring a friend!

Author visit: Rumki Chowdhury – ”Secrets in the wind”

Author visit Rumki Chowdhury – Secrets in the wind

STOCKHOLM | Friday 31st March at 18:00. Free.

Meet Rumki Chowdhury as she presents her new Young Adult book Secrets in the Wind – a coming-of-age novel in a Bangladeshi-American setting.

A story about resilience, femininity and the power of sisterhood, juggling different cultures and tackling the difficult themes of stalking and child marriages.

STOCKHOLM Friday 31 March at 18.00
Free event – bring a friend!

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”Asha is a teenager hoping to get to know her Bengali culture on a deeper level by taking a vacation with her parents from America to Bangladesh. There, she meets her cousin, Kushi, with whom she hopes to form an immediate sisterly bond. However, her hopes are crushed when she senses Kushi is hiding a deep and dark secret…”

Author visit: ”100 Dates” – Angela Ahola

Author visit ”100 Dates” – Angela Ahola

STOCKHOLM | Thursday 16 March at 18:00. Free!

Is modern dating just a numbers game, with limitless options only ever a swipe away?

Meet ANGELA AHOLA, the Psychology Doctor who kissed 100 frogs so you don’t have to, presenting her book 100 Dates and her research in conversation with Veronica from the Stockholm bookshop.

STOCKHOLM Thursday 16th March at 18.00.
Free event – bring a friend (or a date…)! Refreshments.

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Storytelling & sing-a-long ”I am Nefertiti”

Storytelling & sing-a-long ”I am Nefertiti”

STOCKHOLM | Saturday 25 Feb at 11.00. Free.

Storytime & Sing-a-Long ”I am Nefertiti”
presented by author Annemarie Anang

Welcome to an empowering storytime and sing-a-long (ukulele and all!) with author Annemarie Anang.

Learn more about some of the global instruments in the book. In English for children 3–7 years old.

Saturday 25 February at 11.00
Free event – bring the kids & their friends!

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I am Nefertiti is a heartwarming, joyous, and empowering story of identity and belonging.

Talk ”How Economics Can Save the World” – Erik Angner

Talk ”How Economics Can Save the World” – Erik Angner

STOCKHOLM | Wednesday 15 Feb at 18.00. Free.

How Economics Can Save the World
– Simple Ideas to Solve Our Biggest Problems

Our world is in a mess. Can economics save the world? Author Erik Angner (economist, Prof. of Practical ­Philo­sophy) presents his book and ideas in conversation with Åsa Wikforss (Prof. of Theoretical Philosophy and Swedish Academy Chair No 7).

STOCKHOLM Wednesday 15 February at 18.00
Free event, bring a friend. Refreshments.

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Author visit: Emma Noyes – The Sunken City

Author visit: Emme Noyes – The Sunken City

STOCKHOLM | Saturday 3rd Dec at 17.00

Meet Emma Noyes, as she presents her fantasy trilogy The Sunken City – in conversation with Veronica from the bookshop about building worlds, writings books, and ABBA-dancing boyfriends…

Buy her books and get them signed at the event!
The Sunken City / The Fallen Witch / War of Shadows (release Dec 2022)

STOCKHOLM Saturday 3rd December at 17.00
Free event – bring a friend! Refreshments.

Poetry Friday: Sally Anderson Boström – ”Harvest”

Peotry Friday at the Stockholm shop with Sally Anderson Boström

STOCKHOLM | Friday 11 Nov at 18:00

Poetry reading & talk:
Sally Anderson Boström presents Harvest

Meet Sally Anderson Boström, as she reads from and presents her poetry collection, Harvest.

Welcome to a Poetry Friday at the Stockholm bookshop!

Friday 11th November at 18:00
Free event. Refreshments.

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