Reading groups

Online Reading Groups – join in from home

Our reading groups are informal and relaxed occasions where we get together in the bookshop to discuss the book of the month (that we’ve read before the meeting).

We meet up in our cosy bookshops and enjoy a proper brew, some cake, and great discussions.

We are currently running four regular reading groups that meet up in all three bookshops in Uppsala, Stockholm, and Göteborg: Modern Fiction, Classics, Science Fiction, and the Fantasy reading group.

In Uppsala and Göteborg, we also have a Crime reading group.

In Stockholm and Göteborg, the Queer reading group meets up once a month.

Each meeting is a separate event, so there’s no need to commit to an entire semester of reading groups. Join us when you have the time, and the book of the month interests you.

How do I get invitations to upcoming reading groups?

The best way to keep informed of upcoming reading groups is to sign up for the newsletter from one of our shops (Uppsala, Stockholm, or Göteborg) and check the boxes for the reading groups you are interested in. You’ll then get invites to upcoming reading group meetings for those reading groups. Sign up for the newsletter at:


How do I sign up for a meeting?

Just get in touch with the shop hosting the meeting and sign up. Or drop in if you’re a local. Pay the group fee at the meeting. (And if you can’t come to the shop to buy the book, just let us know and we’ll sort it.)

The Uppsala shop
email: • tel 018-10 05 10

The Stockholm shop
email: • tel 08-790 55 10

The Göteborg shop
email: • tel 031-45 55 10

Reading group titles in October 2023

Reading group meetings in October

Modern Fiction: When We Were Birds – Ayanna Lloyd Banwo
Uppsala: Thursday 26 October at 19:00  
Stockholm: Wednesday 25 October at 18:30  
Göteborg: Tuesday 31 October at 19:00  

Classics: The Turn of the Screw and Other Ghost Stories – Henry James
Uppsala: Tuesday 31 October at 19:00  
Stockholm: Tuesday 31 October at 18:30  
Göteborg: Monday 30 October at 19:00  

Sci-Fi: Some Desperate Glory – Emily Tesh
Uppsala: Tuesday 24 October at 19:00  
Stockholm: Wednesday 18 October at 19:00  
Göteborg: Thursday 26 October at 19:00  

Fantasy: A Market of Dreams and Destiny – Trip Galey
Uppsala: Monday 30 October at 19:00  
Stockholm: Thursday 26 October at 18:30  
Göteborg: Wednesday 25 October at 19:00  

Crime reading group:
Uppsala: reads the Noir title Sleeping Dog by Dick Lochte 
and meets Wednesday 25 October at 19:00 at the pub  
Göteborg: reads the Mystery title Murder Your Employer by Rupert Holmes
and meets Tuesday 24 October at 19:00 in the shop  

Queer: Bi: Tell Me I’m Worthless – Alison Rumfitt 
Stockholm: Tuesday 24 October at 18:30  
Göteborg: Monday 23 October at 19:00  

Sign up by getting in touch with the shop hosting the meeting and we’ll reserve a seat for you!

Find out more about these reading group titles, and all the other titles in this month’s Book of the Month selection, on the front page.