Talk ”How Economics Can Save the World” – Erik Angner

Talk ”How Economics Can Save the World” – Erik Angner

STOCKHOLM | Wednesday 15 Feb at 18.00. Free.

How Economics Can Save the World
– Simple Ideas to Solve Our Biggest Problems

Our world is in a mess. Can economics save the world? Author Erik Angner (economist, Prof. of Practical ­Philo­sophy) presents his book and ideas in conversation with Åsa Wikforss (Prof. of Theoretical Philosophy and Swedish Academy Chair No 7).

STOCKHOLM Wednesday 15 February at 18.00
Free event, bring a friend. Refreshments.

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OUR WORLD IS IN A MESS. The challenges of climate change, inequality, hunger and a global pandemic mean our way of life seems more imperilled and society more divided than ever; but economics can help!

In this book, economist and philosopher Erik Angner provides nine actionable, real-world solutions for fixing the biggest problems that affect our neighbourhoods, politics, businesses and private lives.

As he shows, economics is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal – it’s far too ­important to be left to economists alone.



”This wonderful book demystifies economics”
– Diane Coyle, Cambridge University

”Filled with intellect and dry humour, this book is as enjoyable to read as it is serious about inspiring change.”
– Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

”The perfect tour guide to economics.”
– Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford University