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Mystery Book of the Month – July 2019

No good can come from bad blood. Combining various genres from murder mystery to non-fiction exposé, Galbraith offers real insights into an event that's been branded as the worst scandal in the history of the NHS.

General Fiction Book of the Month – July 2019

Sometimes getting it wrong is the only way to get it right... A fresh, funny and life-affirming debut novel about finding things where you least expect them.

Mystery Book of the Month – June 2019

A mystery set in Sussex in 1964 with a definite Rear Window (Hitchcock) feel to it. Is there a murderer across the street? Who’s innocent, and who’s not…

General Fiction Book of the Month – June 2019

A feminist Iliad, shortlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2019. ”This is a story about the very real cost of wars waged by men... Barker makes us re-think history” – Independent

Noir Book of the Month – May 2019

Black Water is set in the world of the Dublin gangs – the area of Dublin O’Keeffe has lived for many years which tourists are told to avoid – the streets alongside Dublin’s grand canal. Cormac O’Keeffe is the award-winning security correspondent for the Irish Examiner – work that has given him unique access to contacts in the police and the community. He has lived near Dublin’s Grand Canal for many years; his professional and personal lives inform and fuel this novel, giving it the intensity, authenticity and originality of personal experience. 

General Fiction Book of the Month – May 2019

Set in London to an exhilarating soundtrack, Ordinary People is an intimate study of identity and parenthood, sex and grief, friendship and ageing, and the fragile architecture of love. Shortlisted for The Women's Prize for Fiction 2019. ”An exuberant investigation into midlife malaise explores love, compromise and the way we live today” – The Guardian

Mystery Book of the Month – April 2019

After rising to prominence for his role investigating the case of Jack the Ripper, former Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson is now retired. Known for his intelligence, investigative skills, and most of all his discretion, he's often consulted when a case must be solved quickly and quietly. So when a body is found in the Egyptian Collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, Wilson is called in.

General Fiction Book of the Month – April 2019

A quietly devastating story about the love between a mother and her sons, the impact of race, masculinity and the senseless loss of young lives. ”A brilliant, powerful elegy from a living brother to a lost one, yet pulsing with rhythm, and beating with life” – Marlon James, Winner of the Man Booker Prize

Noir Book of the Month – March 2019

The long-awaited return of Kent Anderson, with ”the best of what crime fiction can do” (Michael Connelly). A raw, unflinching novel about America's divided cities and one man's divided soul. ”Tells the unvarnished truth about what it is to be a cop in modern day America. I can give a suspense novel no higher compliment” (James Patterson)

General Fiction Book of the Month – March 2019

A dark comedy of female rage and a biting satire of the false promise of reinvention. ”The New Me is a bouncy, profane, highly addictive novel about work, female friendship, and other alienations. Halle Butler's insane talent shimmers on every page of this deadpan misanthrope's ode. A must-read!” – Claire Vaye Watkins
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