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Video: Barry McCrea & The First Verse! Interview by Helena Dahlgren

The Culture Night Live from the Uppsala English Bookshop

Celebrate the Culture Night with The English Bookshop!

The Uppsala Culture Night 2014 (Kulturnatten Uppsala) will take place on September 13.

Storytelling for Children

11:00 at The English Bookshop

Have you started some-thing new? Nursery, school, swimming lessons or perhaps a dance class? New things can be fun and sometimes they are scary. New things can be VERY naughty. We’ve got stories about all these sorts of new things at 11 o’clock at the English Bookshop on Saturday 13th September.

17 Things I’m not allowed to do anymore by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter Once upon a time by Niki Daly

Barry McCrea & The First Verse! Interview by Helena Dahlgren.

14:00 - 15:00
The Uppsala International Authors Stage at the City Library.

Barry McCreaBarry McCrea is an Irish writer and academic who is currently professor of Literature at Notre Dame University.

In 2005 he published an award-winning novel; The First Verse, about a young man who gets pulled into a world of darkness and literature at Trinity College in Dublin. The novel is based around the classical concept of Sortes Vergilianae where advice or predictions of the future are sought by interpreting passages from literature.

The novel explores Dublin’s every corner, including a first-of-its-kind portrayal of its thriving gay nightlife, through the eyes of a young man seduced by a secret society’s ancient reading rituals, based on the sortes virgilianae. In brilliant prose, author Barry McCrea gives readers a psychologically gripping tale set within the intertwining worlds of literature and the living.

Charles Cumming – a new generation of spy thriller writers. Interview by Kristofer Lundström from SVT.

18:00 - 19:00

Charles Cumming

We are honoured to present the very best contemporary writer of spy thrillers in the world; Charles Cumming. Since his debut in 2001 he has won a number of awards for his work and The Observer has described him as ”the best of the new generation of British spy writers who are taking over where John le Carré and Len Deighton left off”. Charles will be interviewed by Kristofer Lundström from SVT's Kobra.

Ann Charters on Peter Orlovsky

19:30 - 20:30

Peter Orlovsky

Beat luminarie Ann Charters discusses the poet Peter Orlovsky, Beat Generation legend and life-long partner of Allen Ginsberg, and the new book of Orlovsky’s journals, letters and poems.
Kerouac called Orlovsky ‘the greatest man of San Fransisco’.

Happy Midsummer!

Glad midsommar

The bookshops in Uppsala and Stockholm are closed for midsummer, Friday 20th–Sunday 22nd. Enjoy the holiday!

Saturday Sidewalk Supersale!

UPPSALA Tomorrow morning, Saturday June 14, on the sidewalk in front of our little corner shop your minds will be blown (but not your wallets)!!!

We're chucking out loads and loads of really good titles we need to get rid of (shop's a little TOO charmingly cluttered of late) - and (and I'm going to shout now) THE PRICES ARE AMAZING!

Any 1 book for 20 kronor. (Dirt cheap, I know but wait...)
Any 4 books for 50 kronor. (Wow! That's cheap, but hold on... )
Any 10 books for 100 kronor. (Say what????)

Yes - sale is on Saturday only, and while stocks last and we still have strength.

Why does it start at 10:05? Well - that's because we've drawn 4 lucky schools among our favourites and they get to pick 20 free books each for their school libraries starting 10:00. So, a slight head start.

Because we LOVE school libraries and always do what we can to support them.

SO - go home and sleep now and set your alarms bright and early.
Bring a little money and a trolley.

Saturday Sidewalk Supersale 20140614, Uppsala English Bookshop

Special opening hours 8 July 2014

This Sunday June 8 the Stockholm shop will be closed altogether and the Uppsala shop will close at 1.24pm. Why is this? Well - it’s the annual company picnic! All staff and families from both the Uppsala and Stockholm shops will gather in Uppsala for a nice sunny celebration in one of the public parks!

We’ll be back at work Monday morning. Enjoy your weekend too. Read a book.

Storytelling for Children - Saturday 7 June

Stan loves spending the day with Gran. She makes him pancakes, plays football and reads stories.
So it’s a disaster when one day her front-door key gets lost.
How does Stan save the day?

Listen to the whole intriguing story at 11 o’clock on 7th June at the English Bookshop in Uppsala!

Stan and his Gran by Sarah Garland

Storytelling for Children at The English Bookshop in Uppsala, Stockholm

Storytelling for Children - Saturday 24 May

Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli both have cats and like cake. And they live in the same block of flats. But they aren’t friends. Yet.
What will bring them together?

Find out at 11 o’clock on 24th May at the English Bookshop in Uppsala!

Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli by Penny Dolan and Nick Sharratt

Storytelling for Children at The English Bookshop in Uppsala, Stockholm

Storytelling for Children - Saturday 10 May

Do you ever have a tantrum?
Pearl does and her Mum leaves the room.
And then a white bear arrives who need to be fed. A lot.

Come and hear the full story at 11 o’clock, 10th May at the English Bookshop in Uppsala!

The Bear with the Sticky Paws by Clara Vulliamy

Storytelling for Children at The English Bookshop in Uppsala, Stockholm

Not only World Book Day, but World book Weekend!

The Uppsala bookshop is a alive with lots of activites during the weekend.

First we have Storytelling for children with Hannah – Saturday at 11 am in the shop.

Later on Saturday, at 1 pm, at Uppsala Stadsbibliotek – we will meet Josip Novakovich on The Uppsala International Authors Stage. No ticket needed for this event.
Josip Novakovich in the bookshop
Download the poster for the event

Last but not least: Teen Reading group! In the shop, Sunday at 1 pm. This month we're discussing The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini.

Josip Novakovich on The Uppsala International Authors Stage

Concert with Ryan O'Reilly on Saturday the 10th

We have a special treat for you! On Saturday, May 10th, British singer-songwriter Ryan O'Reilly will do a concert in the shop.
No booking necessary, just drop in and listen to the lovely music. Just after closing time, at 16.15 the doors will open again and the concert will begin shortly.

The Ryan O'Reilly Band

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