Storytelling for Children – Saturday 22nd March, Uppsala

Storytelling for Children, The English Bookshop

Jack and Jill went up a hill, to fetch a pail of water. But what are they doing with that brown paper? Meanwhile Lulu is snuggled up on the sofa reading a story. Sounds much nicer.

Come and hear stories at the English Bookshop, 11 o'clock, Saturday 22nd March, Uppsala.

  • Jack and Jill by Kate Willis-Crowley
  • Lulu reads to Zeki by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw

Jack and Jill by Kate Willis-Crowley Lulu reads to Zeki by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw

Storytelling for Children – Saturday 8th March, Uppsala

Did you ever eat all the food that was in your house?
Did you ever drink all the water from your taps?
That's what happened to Sophie when a tiger came to tea.

The tiger who came to tea by Judith KerrCome and hear the story at 11 o'clock on Saturday 8th March at the Uppsala English Bookshop.

This is where I am – Karen Campbell at The Uppsala International Authors Stage

We're bringing Karen Campbell back to Uppsala and she will be the premiere guest at the new Uppsala Internationella Författarscen; a collaboration between us and the Stadsbibliotek. This is such a wonderful and important book. You're in for a real treat. Everybody here at the shop LOVES this book! This cannot be overstated.

  • Thursday 6/3, 6pm, at Uppsala City Library (Stadsbiblioteket)
  • No entrance fee, but book your ticket at Stadsbibliotek reception, 018-727 83 33. You need to collect your ticket at least 30 minutes before the event.

Karen Campbell in the bookshop

Om Uppsalas Internationella Författarscen / Uppsala International Authors Stage

This is where I am – Karen Campbell at The Uppsala International Authors Stage

Storytelling for Children – 11 o'clock, 22nd February, Uppsala

Hat rhymes with 'drat!'
Breeze rhymes with sneeze - Bless you!
Llama rhymes with drama.

Come have fun with rhyming stories at the English Bookshop, 11 o'clock, 22nd February.

Rosie's Hat by Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey Llama Llama Shopping Drama by Anna Dewdney

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An Evening with Sherlock – Mattias Boström

An Evening with Sherlock, with Mattias BoströmWelcome to an evening on th etopic of Sherlock Holmes, with our guest Mattias Boström.

Meet Mattias Boström, author, Sherlock Holmes expert and member of the prominent Sherlock Holmes society The Baker Street Irregulars. Get to know Holmes, beyond and behind the deerstalker hat and the Calabash pipe. Mattias' latest book in Swedish, Från Holmes till Sherlock, will be on sale – as well as our wide assortment of titles in English. The talk will be in Swedish at The English Bookshop in Uppsala.

Limited number of seats so book in advance!
13 February, 19 o'clock
Price is 60 kr to be paid at the door.

P.G. Wodehouse – Evening

Welcome to an evening on the topic P.G Wodehouse and FORE! Snacks and bubbly drinks will be served.

28 January, 19 o'clock at The English Bookshop in Uppsala.

P.G Wodehouse - FORE!

Storytelling for Children – January 25, Uppsala

Come and hear about baby owl's playschool-related uncertainties and a classic story of a milk-stealing cat.

Story-time at 11 o'clock, Saturday 25th January at the English Bookshop, Uppsala.

Photo and media collection from The Night of the 7th Doctor

The English Bookshop Night of the 7th Doctor – Doctor Who – Thank you Sylvester McCoy, thank you Whovians

We had  a wonderful Night of the 7th Doctor, thank you all for a fun night together. We filmed and took photos during the evening. But there was a lot of people taking pictures and filming. So lets all pool our resources and share…

Literary Breakfast, Friday the 6/12, 9 o'clock

In cooperation with Litteraturcentrum we will be holding a Literary Breakfast this Friday (6/12) at 9 o'clock in the shop with the Fristadsförfattare (asylum authors) from the nordic countries. This is a public event, so please drop in, have a cuppa and a bite and listen to some reading.


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