Storytelling for Children – September 28

Welcome to Storytelling for Children with Hanna.
Uppsala - 11 o'clock the September 28.

We'll be reading from:

Katie Morag and the Grand Concert by Mairi Hedderwick Katie Morag and the Dancing Class by Mairi Hedderwick Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes Billy & Belle by Sarah Garland

Upoming dates for storyteling:

  • October 12
  • October 26
  • November 9
  • November 23

Doctor Who Night – Meet the 7th Doctor

Regina Theatre, Uppsala.
Thursday November 28th at 7pm.

OK, here's the deal - we are moving the event to the Regina Theatre!
New tickets will go on sale September 18 at 10am in the Uppsala Shop.

If you have been in the shop, spoken to us on the phone or received a confirmation e-mail that means you are on the reservation list. The reservation list will CLOSE September 17 at 7pm and all reserved tickets will have to be paid or picked up before October 1 (at which point the unpaid tickets will be available for sale again). Any unreserved tickets will be available for purchase in both shops from September 18 at 10am.

If you do not live in Uppsala you can buy tickets at the Stockholm shop in the Old Town, but let us know.
If you live further away still you can pre-pay your tickets and we will send them to you. Call us for info.

Doctor Who Night – Meet the 7th Doctor


Storytelling for children in the Stockholm English Bookshop

Welcome all 3-6 year olds for Stoytelling with Clara.
No need to sign up, just show up at the shop and join the fun!
September 14th, 11.00 at Lilla Nygatan 11.

Books of the month for September

General Fiction: William Sutcliffe – The Wall

British Crime: Carol McCleary – The Formula for Murder

Tough Crime: Dana Stabenow – Bad Blood

Paranormal: Kimberly Frost – Would-Be Witch

Fantasy: A. Lee Martinez – Too Many Curses

Science Fiction: Christopher L Bennett – Only Superhuman

From October we'll be listing a Teen title also!

William Sutcliffe – The Wall Carol McCleary – The Formula for Murder Dana Stabenow – Bad Blood  Kimberly Frost – Would-Be Witch A. Lee Martinez – Too Many Curses Christopher L Bennett – Only Superhuman

What Jan read the summer of 2013

Howard Cunnell - Marine Boy
Well, it started really good - bleak, dark, southern England. Then I forgot the book on a ferry in Greece... In my defense the boat *was* rocking quite heavily.

Daniel O'Malley - The Rook
This was super entertaining. Starts with a woman without memory waking up in a body she doesn't recognize in a private park in London with a dozen dead people on the ground around her all wearing rubber gloves ... And it only gets better.

Max Barry - Lexicon
Very exciting, made me think of The Magicians and The Secret History, but with more of an action feel to it. Good idea, good read.

Howard Cunnell - Marine Boy Daniel O'Malley - The Rook Max Barry - Lexicon

Anton DiSclafani - The Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls
I really enjoyed this; the tale of a girl in 1930 messing up and

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