Shops closed for stock inventory January 31


Tuesday 31st January all our bookshops are closed for stock inventory.

We’re open as usual again on Wednesday 1st February. In the meantime, you’re welcome to email or send a facebook message to your local bookshop and we’ll get back to you once we’ve counted all our books. 1, 2, 3, 4...

Thank you for your understanding. 

Shop Hours Epiphany Weekend


Happy Epiphany

For the Twelfth Night/Epiphany weekend (Trettondagen), the bookshops are open:

Twelfth Night, Thurs 5 Jan: 10–17
Epiphany, Fri 6 Jan: 12–17
Saturday 7 Jan: 10–17
Sunday 8 Jan: 12–17

Twelfth Night, Thurs 5 Jan: 10.30–18
Epiphany, Fri 6 Jan: 10.30–18
Saturday 7 Jan: 11–17
Sunday 8 Jan: 12–17

Twelfth Night, Thurs 5 Jan: 10–19
Epiphany, Fri 6 Jan: 11–17
Saturday 7 Jan: 10–17.30
Sunday 8 Jan: 12–16

Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

From all of us, to all of you – a Happy New Book Year!

This weekend, the bookshops are open:

New Year’s Eve, Dec 31st:

New Year’s Day, Jan 1st:
All shops are closed for celebrations.

What will be your first read of 2023?

The gift of choice and the gift that keeps on giving


Gift Voucher – the Gift of Choice

Our bookshops are filled with great reads and lovely merchandise to gift for Christmas, and you are most welcome in to browse and get recommendations.

Here are some last-minute gift ideas that you even can sort from home.

The gift of choice. For last-minute gifts, for that voracious reader you can’t keep track of what they’ve read, or for the ones eagerly awaiting a new release – why not give them the gift of choice: our Gift Vouchers! You get to choose the amount, and the receiver can choose whatever they want.

Buy your gift voucher in the shops or order online at

The gift that keeps on giving
. Why not give that someone special a subscription to our Book Club: a new book in the post every month from our curated Book of the Month picks. Give them reading joy for 3 months, 6 months, or an entire year. Choose from 10 different categories – there’s something for everyone!

Read more and order on

Christmas Shop Hours 2022


Christmas Shop Hours

Welcome in to our bookshops to find that perfect gift.

––– UPPSALA –––

Monday–Friday 19th–23rd Dec  10–19

Christmas Eve & Day  Closed
Boxing Day 26th Dec  12–17


Monday–Friday 19th–23rd Dec  10.30–18

Christmas Eve & Day  Closed
Boxing Day 26th Dec  12–17

––– GÖTEBORG –––

Monday–Friday 19th–23rd Dec  10–19*
* Thursday 22nd Dec  10–20

Christmas Eve & Day  Closed
Boxing Day 26th Dec  12–16



How to order


How to order from us

Our webshop is on the blink, and while we prepare for the new and improved shop – here’s how to order from us:

Just get in touch! We love talking to you and helping you personally with any books you might be looking for.

For mailorders you can email or message us on facebook messenger: (with the Ask us chat bubble on this page you can chat also as a guest)

If you have a question for your local bookshop, want to order for pick-up, or have a favourite bookshop to talk to – get in touch with your local bookshop:

UPPSALA email: 
or messenger: (or use the Ask us chat bubble on this page)

or messenger:

GÖTEBORG email: 
or messenger:

Or get in touch any other way, we’re happy to help with your questions and orders!

Poetry Friday in Göteborg

Poetry Friday at the Göteborg shop

GÖTEBORG | Friday 9th Dec at 19:15. Free!

Poetry Friday in the Göteborg bookshop together with poets Linda Ghaderi and Tom Madeley who will read from and present their poetry.

Open Mic: Bring your own – if you got works of your own you would like to share with others, bring them to the event for an open mic possibility.

Welcome to a relaxing evening with poetry, a resting place in the midst of the hustle & bustle of the holiday season.

Göteborg: Friday 9th December at 19:15
Free event! Refreshments!

Book Release ”See You in Ezra Street”

Book Release ”See You in Ezra Street”

GÖTEBORG | Saturday 10th Dec at 17:30. Free.

See You in Ezra Street by Ranjita Dutta Roy captures the dramatic uncertainty of a young woman striking up new roots, dealing with her love affair, while absorbing the dramatic lessons from her grandfather’s life in colonial India.

Born and raised in Sweden, the introverted life of Tanushree Roy Choudhury, a young music scholar with Indian roots, takes a dramatic turn when she suddenly gets strong hallucinations about her family’s past and starts searching for answers. Answers which her parents had always left unknown.

Join us in the Göteborg shop for a presentation and book release festivities. Yummy food bites served.

Göteborg: Saturday 10th December at 17:30
Free – bring a friend. Yummy food bites served.

Author visit: Maria Bournoncle

Author visit Maria Bournoncle

GÖTEBORG | Tuesday 6th December at 19.15. Free.

Maria Bouroncle presents It Came to Me on a Whim – The Story of Ingeborg Andersson, Child Murderess.

It is a cold Easter in the spring of 1929. Artur leaves his wife and three children alone for a few hours to go fetch firewood in the forest. When he returns, his world has collapsed…

Author visit: Emma Noyes – The Sunken City

Author visit: Emme Noyes – The Sunken City

STOCKHOLM | Saturday 3rd Dec at 17.00

Meet Emma Noyes, as she presents her fantasy trilogy The Sunken City – in conversation with Veronica from the bookshop about building worlds, writings books, and ABBA-dancing boyfriends…

Buy her books and get them signed at the event!
The Sunken City / The Fallen Witch / War of Shadows (release Dec 2022)

STOCKHOLM Saturday 3rd December at 17.00
Free event – bring a friend! Refreshments.

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