Poetry Night with Ahu Smith & Linda Ghaderi

Poetry Night with Ahu Smith and Linda Ghaderi

STOCKHOLM | Thursday 14th Dec at 18:30. Free.

A Search for Belonging in Flesh and Soul 
with Ahu Smith & Linda Ghaderi

Take time out from the Christmas frenzy for an evening with poets Ahu Smith and Linda Ghaderi.

Poetry reading and talk about life, belonging, and digging in the dirt for meaning.

Come in, warm up, the kettle will be on

Welcome to an evening of poetry!

» Visit Ahu’s site Authentic Traveler
» Visit Linda’s site LindaGhaderi.com

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Ahu Smith, debuted with Take it in, October 2017. It is a collection of poetry inspired by living in Morocco as a North American artist. Ahu is known primarily for her multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional work. She has performed and exhibited internationally as an actress, singer, performance artist, sculptor, poet and dancer. 

Ahu lives in Stockholm, where she’s writing a collection of short stories, holds StoryDance workshops and runs her company Authentic Traveler, taking groups on themed living retreats to Morocco. 

Linda Ghaderi made her poetry debut with The Silent Songs in April 2016. Ode to Destiny, released in September 2017, is the 2nd book in the series Pocket Poetry for Moments of Despair. Linda is currently working on the 3rd book in the same series and a Novel.

Currently, Linda gives inspirational lectures and workshops. Linda has worked as grief and recovery therapist, Applied Kinesiology therapist, Operations Security Manager for Casino Cosmopol, Security Agent for American Airlines and more. She studied creative writing, philosophy, and theology at the University as well as the Writers Academy in Stockholm.