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Jon Jefferson - Author Reading 7 july 2012, English Bookshop, Gamla stanMeet best-selling forensic crime author Jon Jefferson – co-author of the Body Farm novels – on Saturday, July 7 at The English Bookshop in Gamla Stan at 2 p.m. He will be signing his books and will be reading from the latest book, The Inquisitor's Key. 
All are welcome!

Jon Jefferson in the bookshop
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Helena’s summer reading - the 2012 edition


With midsummer lurking just around the corner, it is high time to start talking about summer reading. In fact, I strongly suspect it may be time to start reading those piles and piles of books that keep calling my name, going"hey, Helena, let’s hang out this summer! Pick me, pick me!". Here are my top contenders.


Saturday 9th June at 11 at Lilla Nygatan 11, Gamla stan. Welcome all 3-6 year olds
for storytelling with Philip. No need to sign up, just show up
at the shop and join the fun.

The Humorist

What happens when you are born without the ability to smile and laugh? Oh yes, you become a humour critic! This must be one of the blackest examples of black humor I have ever read! It's dark, disturbing, thought-provoking and, yes, sometimes funny. The kind of book I am very happy to have read, and rather unique in its kind.

The eagerly awaited 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson


2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

Is there a tendency among us humans to always think that our own time is the endpoint of history? An assumption that things are basically going to continue the way they are now, only maybe a bit more polished. Science fiction can bring back perspective, and make us see that perhaps our piece of human history is just one small part.

Kerouac's Women

Kerouac's Women

Beat Generation scholar Ann Charters will talk about and read from the books by the women who lived with and loved Jack Kerouac – Edy Parker, Carolyn Cassady, Joan Havery Kerouac, Helen Weaver, Joyce Johnson, Jan Kerouac.

Thursday 31 May, 7 pm
Lilla Nygatan 11, Gamla stan

No charge and no need to book in advance but the number of seats is limited.


Me Before You

A lovely literary chick-lit type of read, but with an extraordinary amount of feeling and sense, and a very unusual theme (the right to your own death). Heartily recommended!

Casket of Souls

A new Alec & Seregil adventure. I don't read as much fantasy as I used to but I always read a new Lynn Flewelling! You get drawn into the story at once.

Kingdom Beyond the Waves

A high-speed adventure with interesting characters (steammen, an ancient hive mind, half man half lizard creatures, a cyborg vigilante, a archeology professor, female free fighters on steroids and more) that goes on a quest to find the ruins of a lost utopia. It is also filled with different kinds of worshipping, politics, revenge and philosophy and I'm glad to have joined this (steampunk) ride.

A Foreign Country

Charles Cumming is simply the best of the new generation of English spy novelists. This was riveting. Great read.