Meet Liselotte Roll – Good Girls Don’t Tell

Meet Liselotte Roll – Good Girls Don’t Tell

STOCKHOLM | Wednesday 22nd February at 18:30

Liselotte Roll – Good Girls Don't Tell

»When Erik Berggren, a young man, is found brutally murdered Inspector Magnus Kalo and his team are mystified. Other than being an alcoholic, the victim seems to have led a completely normal, if rather lonely, life. Then Erik’s mother is viciously attacked in a similar way…«

Liselotte Roll is a freelance journalist and a qualified Marine ­Archaeologist. While working on a dig uncovering a pre-Incan settlement in La Rioja, Argentina, she witnessed first-hand how the military junta’s reign of terror still was affecting the lives of Argentinians. This experience led to her debut novel Good Girls Don’t Tell.

Her books have been translated to half a dozen languages and she has been compared to crime writers such as Camilla Läckberg and Karin Slaughter.

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