Kulturnatten i Uppsala

John Clute and the SF-Encyclopedia – Film from the Culture evening at the Bookshop

A VERY interesting talk with the recent Hugo winner. An agile mind in that fellow... And we're greatly honoured again to be sponsoring www.kontrast2012.se - don't miss it!

See video

Gud har annat för sig- Film from the Culture evening at the bookshop

We're so proud to be sponsoring this production and they had a great time telling people about it at the shop!

See the program for the show at Regina theater in Uppsala

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Fantastic programme for Kulturnatten 2012 at The Uppsala English Bookshop

The Uppsala Culture Night 2012 (Kulturnatten Uppsala) will take place on September 8. We have a fantastic programme!

Don't miss out on visiting the bookshop during this tremendous day; we are bringing in authors from the far reaches of the world. This is a unique opportunity to take part of otherwise unseen international literary excellence. We are also proud to be previewing two of this autumn's biggest cultural events in Uppsala: Teater C and Kontrast!

Beat Thing! – video from Kulturnatten i Uppsala

Recording form the Beat Thing! performance during Kulturnatten in Uppsala, in The Uppsala English Bookshop. Also see the recording from their performance at the bookshop in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Ann and Samuel Charters performs Beat Thing! – a performance/reading of Beat literature. Jan from the bookshop presented, assisted by Elias Castegren on the bass.

The program was:

Video - The Queens of Scotland

Karen Campbell reads from her book After the Fire and is interviewed by Carina Burman.
Helen Fitzgerald reads from her book The Donor  and is interviewed by Helena Dahlgren.

Recorded in The Uppsala English Bookshop during "Kulturnatten" 10/9 in Uppsala.

Video - British & Celtic Folk Music

Helena and Fredrik will takes you on a journey through British and Celtic folk music. Recorded during the Kulturnatt 2011 in the Uppsala English Bookshop.

KulturNatten i Uppsala 2011 – Events at The English Bookshop


KulturNatten i Uppsala 2011 – Events at The English BookshopDuring the KulturNatten Uppsala 10th of September, we will arrange three events in our Uppsala Bookshop (at Svartbäcksgatan 19):
British & Celtic Folk Music! – 3 to 4 pm
The Queens of Scotland! –  5 to 7 pm
Beat Thing! –  7:30 to 9 pm  

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