Fantastic programme for Kulturnatten 2012 at The Uppsala English Bookshop

The Uppsala Culture Night 2012 (Kulturnatten Uppsala) will take place on September 8. We have a fantastic programme!

Don't miss out on visiting the bookshop during this tremendous day; we are bringing in authors from the far reaches of the world. This is a unique opportunity to take part of otherwise unseen international literary excellence. We are also proud to be previewing two of this autumn's biggest cultural events in Uppsala: Teater C and Kontrast!

Teater C – Gud har annat för sig, på Kulturnatten hos The Uppsala English Bookshop

16:00 - 16:20 
Teater C @ English Bookshop 
Date med Tom Waits: ett smakprov ur en av Teater C nya föreställningar “Gud har annat för sig”. Med nya texter av Dag Thelander med bl.a. Sam Kessel på scen.

Programme for Teater C @ English Bookshop at Kulturnatten Uppsala


John Clute at The Uppsala English Bookshop, Kulturnatten

16:30 - 17:57 
John Clute 
Science Fiction doyen and luminaire; a man described as an integral part of science fiction’s history, the legendary editor of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction comes to Uppsala and is interviewed by our friends from Uppsala fandom; the organizers of the 2012 Swecon in October!

Programme forJohn Clute at Kulturnatten Uppsala


Elizabeth Hand at The Uppsala English Bookshop, Kulturnatten

18:30 - 19:32
Elizabeth Hand 
Multi-award winning author Elizabeth Hand comes to The Uppsala English Bookshop! Her work spans many genres; both the fantastical and the subversive, with plenty of darkness and magical elements. Her most recent books are literary thrillers that feature Cass Neary a ‘… prototypical amoral speedfreak crankhead kleptomaniac murderous rage-filled alcoholic bisexual heavily tattooed American female photographer’ and have won much acclaim in american media like the NY Times and Washington Post. Ms Hand will read from her work and be interviewed by book blogger extraordinaire Helena Dahlgren!

Programme for Elizabeth Hand at Kulturnatten Uppsala


Beat Thing 2012 by  Ann Charters and Sam Charters, at The Uppsala English Bookshop, Kulturnatten

20:00 - 21:02 
Beat Thing 2012 
A performance of Beat Generation writing by Ann Charters (beat generation scholar and the first biographer of Jack Kerouac) and Sam Charters (eminent jazz/blues historian and biographer) accompanied by double bass. Last year this was completely full and people left dancing and laughing into the night.

Programme for Beat Thing 2012 at Kulturnatten Uppsala


Se the programme at Kulturnaten Uppsala website.