Harry Potter Book Night 2021

Harry Potter Book Night Thursday 4 February 2021

ONLINE | Thursday 4th Feb at 19.00

Welcome to Diagon Alley – now featuring The English Bookshop!

Due to the pandemic, the publisher has postponed the official Harry Potter Book Night celebrations until June 24th. Well, for us in Sweden that’s the day before Midsummer... And we’re not letting a pandemic stop us from celebrating Harry Potter on the ”right” day, right? So this year we'll do an online version instead, and we do have something special waiting for you:

A live talk by founder of Uppsala Slug Club Karolina Andersdotter about Harry Potter in Seven Languages: a linguistic odyssey through known and unknown languages, followed by a Q&A and (technology willing) a short online quiz.

Watch the archived replays here:
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» watch live on youtube


During the livestream we held an online quiz contest (the winners have been notified) – welcome to test your knowledge (and that of your friends and family) with the questions below (correct answers revealed below the quiz)

1. Upon tapping the wall that magically reveals Diagon Alley, what formation will lead to success?
A) Four up, one across
B) Three up, two across
C) Seven up, three across
D) One up, two across

2. Which of the following shops CANNOT be found in Diagon Alley?
A) Eeylops Owl Emporium
B) Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
C) Slug and Jiggers Apothecary
D) Zonko’s

3. What is the name of the barman who works at The Leaky Cauldron?
A) Bill
B) Ted
C) Tom
D) Mick

4. In the books, who is the first person to greet Harry in The Leaky Cauldron?
A) Tom the Barman
B) Doris Crockford
C) Professor Quirrell
D) Dedalus Diggle

5. Complete the line of the Gringotts poem: ”Enter, stranger, but take heed...”
A) Of what awaits the sin of greed
B) Take only what you dearly need
C) We know your every darkest deed
D) Don’t get tempted, lest you’ll bleed

6. In Diagon Alley, where would one pick up a broomstick?
A) Bloomin’ Brilliant Broomsticks
B) Quality Quidditch Supplies
C) Your Every Quidditch Need
D) Broomsticks Galore!

7. When stocking the Monster Book of Monsters, the manager said they hadn’t had that much trouble with a book since...
A) The invisible book of invisibility
B) Charm your own cheese
C) The flying book of broomsticks
D) How to summon dragons

8. Florean Fortescue runs a popular shop in Diagon Alley. What is it?
A) A sweet shop
B) A joke shop
C) An ice cream parlour
D) A hamburger bar

9. Which vault in Gringott’s bank held The Philosopher’s Stone?
A) 237
B) 713
C) 217
D) 427

10. Where (for example) can you buy clothes in Diagon Alley?
A) Twilfitt and Tatting’s
B) Flourish and Blotts
C) Clarisse Debenham’s clothes emporium
D) Mrs Beeton’s Quality Clothing

11. When was Ollivander’s Wand Shop founded?
A) 382 BC
B) 382 AD
C) 1066 AD
D) 1324 AD

12. What is the Diagon Alley equivalent of The English Bookshop?
A) Gambol and Japes
B) WhizzHard Books
C) Flourish and Blotts
D) Obscurus Books

Correct answers:
1–B, 2–D, 3–C, 4–A, 5–A, 6–B, 7–A, 8–C, 9–B, 10–A, 11–A, 12–C