Harry Potter Night 2016: A Night of Spells!

Harry Potter Night 2016: A Night of Spells

UPPSALA & STOCKHOLM | Thursday 4th February 2016

Once again, it’s that time of year when muggles and wizards meet to celebrate one of the greatest wizards in modern time: Harry Potter!

Read all about the activities in the Uppsala and Stockholm shops, and how to secure a ticket, below.

In the Uppsala shop:

Celebrate the worldwide Harry Potter Book Night with us, Harry Potter aficionado ­Malin Axeling, and actual magician Per ­Johan Råsmark.

We provide tea, pumpkin juice and cake, quiz and prizes; you provide costumes (if you like) and good company, and together we’ll have a really good time with all things Potter!

Accio all Harry Potter fans – and see you soon!!

Limited space – get your ticket today in the bookshop!
Tickets 70:-. The evening starts at 19:00 on 4th February.
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Let the wizardry begin!


In the Stockholm shop:

We welcome you to the bookshop for an evening of magical delight, where we’ll cross the border to another world. There will be games, a fancy dress competitions, a quiz and much more.

Put on your nicest wizard hat and polish your broom, magic is back in Stockholm for an evening. Sweets, refreshments and potions will be served.

Activities aimed at 7–14 year olds, but everyone is welcome.

Limited seating so get your ticket in the bookshop today!
Tickets 50:-. The evening starts at 18:30 in the Stockholm shop on Södermannagatan 22.
» Follow the facebook event for updates

Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak!