Interview with Andrew Kaufman

Andrew Kaufman in the bookshop

Andrew Kaufman - Born Weird1. Born Weird is a fantastic 'un-put-downable' book! Where did you get your inspiration for the story?

"Born Weird," is a story about family and I got my inspiration from my family, but not directly. Although several members of my family still don't believe me, there is no particular member of my family that inspired any of the characters. The inspiration came from having a family, being part of a family—experiencing that strange, seemingly paradoxical nature of families where they love you like no one else, while simultaneously being harder and more demanding on you than anyone else could possible be. All in the name of love. It's that experience that I've tried to exaggerate, make mythic, in "Born Weird."

2. I love the word 'Blursings'. Have you coined any other words and can you tell us what they mean?!

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