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Kent Harrington – The Rat Machine

Kent Harringtons – The Rat MachineWe're proud to stock the latest book The Rat Machine from one of our all-time favourite thriller writers; Kent Harrington.

A great thing about being an indie bookseller is you can make that extra effort and stock wonderful things as much as you want.

A bunch of years ago we stumbled upon a great noir author from the US west coast by the name of Kent Harrington. Dia de los Muertos was the first one we read and it completely bowled us over. We then kept buying his new titles from Dennis McMillan's publishing house in New Mexico.

Then things went quiet for a bit but we are now in touch with Kent and he has just supplied us with a shipment of his new novel The Rat Machine.

Kent Harrington's web page has more in-depth information: essay about the cover, character dossiers, a playlist, and an excerpt.

We're pretty sure we're the only shop in Northern Europe to stock this. Possibly even Europe? So we ship all over Europe and take PayPal. http://www.kentharrington.com/the-rat-machine-in-europe

Oh - and even though Kent's other titles are not in print we can get you copies anyway. Let us know if you're interested via our Book finder service or write info@bookshop.se


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