Book Signing

Michael Cross signs his new book Freedom from Conscience - Deliverance from Evil.

Saturday September 20, 11.00 at The English Bookshop, Lilla Nygatan 11, Gamla stan


    'Vincent, a charismatic older man, is on a quest; he seeks revenge for a horrific tragedy he suffered years earlier. His lust is only satisfied through making mankind into his prey. Melanie Lindberg is a research psychologist who has left her violent past behind and lives an idealic, although unconventional, life with her loving family.
    Melanie and Vincent's paths intersect when he rips her away from those who care for her...desiring to make her his own. Will she succumb to Vincent's mesmerizing charm and become his loyal companion in terror or will she have the power to resist him? This epic battle of wills reaches a surprising climax which will forever change Melanie's life.'

Freedom from Conscience - Deliverance from Evil by Michael Cross