Support Ukrainian publisher Vivat and their employees


Support Ukrainian publisher Vivat and their employees

The Ukrainian publisher Vivat is based in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine – a city heavily affected by the current war. They need our help.

All the money from their current activities is used to support their employees who have been forced to leave their homes, as well as to print books that are so necessary and important for culture and society, even in times of war.

Help us help our Ukrainian friends. We are donating the proceeds of our sidewalk sales to Vivat, and you can help by swishing funds to us marked ”Ukraina Vivat” and we will pass them on. Send your contribution to our Swish number 123 038 70 01. Thanks for your support!

You can scan this QR code with your Swish app:

Swish to 123 038 70 01, mark payment with ”Ukraina Vivat”

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Photo: A Vivat employee wears a helmet while working remotely in a shelter. (Photo: Vivat via Kateryna Volkova)