Summer Sidewalk Supersale in Uppsala – Take 2

Summer Sidewalk Supersale in Uppsala - Take 2

UPPSALA | Friday 8th–Saturday 9th July

The weather looks great so we’re making a second attempt at our Summer Sidewalk Super Sale in Uppsala. Starts on Friday 8th July at 13:00, and on Saturday 9th July at 12:00. 

We’re chucking out loads and loads of really good titles we need to get rid of (shop’s a little TOO charmingly cluttered of late) – and (and I’m going to shout now) THE PRICES ARE AMAZING!

Any 1 book for 20 kronor. (Dirt cheap, I know but wait...)
Any 4 books for 50 kronor. (Wow! That's cheap, but hold on... )
Any 10 books for 120 kronor. (Say what????)

Yes – sale is on Friday afternoon and Saturday only, and while stocks last and we still have strength.