Now here's an interesting gem of a book; hailed by Dennis Lehane as the best noir he's read in a decade and by the master of the genre Kem Nunn as 'beautifully rendered'; a finalist for last year's Edgar award. Nic Pizzolatto has before this only published short stories in literary magazines and then he springs this dark story of redemption and hurricanes on us. I really enjoyed the arch of the story and the wonderful sentences. A really terrific noir.
A noir is not in any sense a 'deckare' or a 'thriller'. There's a whole different point to a noir novel; there's often crime and violence and poverty and bleakness to a true noir story but there's no plot to unravel besides that of what is going on inside the protagonist who is usually a broken man who has done wrong in the past but is on a journey to redemption.
Galveston is a prime example of just that. Warmly recommended. I'm going to hunt down a copy of his short stories now.