Spend a Cultural Night at the bookshop!

KulturNatten 12 Sept 2015

For the Culture Night in Uppsala, Saturday 12th September,  we’re pleased and honored to present you with three great literary afficionados:

At 18.00: Jen Campbell, poet, short story writer and author of the amazingly accurate Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops-books and also The Bookshop Book.

At 19.30: Marie Phillips will discuss her Baileys prize longlisted novel The Table of Less Valued Knights and Gods Behaving Badly (also made into a film starring Sharon Stone and Christopher Walken!).

And, lastly: our grand finale at 21.00: Ann Charters, beat expert extraordinaire, will read poems and pieces by Sam Charters, among others, Things to do in Piccadilly and What Paths, What Journeys.

Read more about the Uppsala Culture Night at www.kulturnattenuppsala.se