Release ”The Poetry of Touch” – Chris McAlister

Book release ”The Poetry of Touch” – Chris McAlister

UPPSALA | Tuesday 16th May at 19:00. Free event

Learn more about East Asian traditional medicine, shiatsu and the healing art of touch, with experienced practitioner and author Chris McAlister as he presents his brand new book The Poetry of Touch!

Welcome to an evening of philosophy and exploring the ins and outs of what it means to be fully alive and human – a creature with a rational mind suspended briefly in time between Heaven and Earth.

UPPSALA Tuesday 16th May at 19:00
Free event – bring a friend! Reading, signing, refreshments.

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The Calligraphy is the work of Alain Tauch at Atelier Shiatsu in Paris and shows the Chinese character for Ling, a word that is almost impossible to translate. Some call it universal soul energy…