Meet the new wave of Swedish speculative fiction writers – The English Bookshop in Uppsala

Waiting for the Machines to Fall AsleepCome and meet the new Swedish authors of speculative fiction. Hans Olsson, Oskar Källner, Markus Sköld, Björn Engström and Andrew Coulthard will be in the bookshop signing books and hanging out for a chat. Don't miss it!

Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep contains 26 stories covering themes – as the authors describe it – "Stories ranging from space horror and post-apocalyptic nightmares to tender dramas. Stories with steampunk horses, android uprisings and cheeky goblins. Stories that are action-packed, wise, silly, beautiful, surreal and horrifying.".

At The English Bookshop in Uppsala, May 24th, 15:30