Harry Potter 40th Birthday Contest Winners


Harry Potter 40 – winners announcement

As Harry Potter turned 40 recently (time sure flies!) we announced a birthday contest, and over 100 of you entered! We’ve been eagerly awaiting the courier delivery with prizes to arrive (corona speed...).

We are happy to now announce the First Prize winner and four consolation prize winners! (Winners with correct answers were randomly drawn using randomizer.org)

First prize is a beautiful Harry Potter tote bag (and we’ve put some surprises in the bag as well) and the winner is... *drumroll*... Igor T from Uppsala! Congratulations!

The four consolation prizes go to:
Alexandra B from Sala
Katarzyna B from Gdynia, Poland
Karin J from Uppsala
Ylva H from Uppsala

All winners have been contacted.

If you’re curious about the correct answers, click to read more:

1. Which was the species of Hagrid’s pet dragon?
– Norwegian Ridgeback

2. Each year Mrs Weasley gives a gift to Harry. What is it, and which colour?
– A green sweater

3. Towards the end of his first year, Harry is given a gift by Hagrid. What?
– A photo album of his parents.

4. Who always carries a camera with him at Hogwarts?
– Colin Creevey

5. To which school would Harry have been sent, if he had not been accepted to Hogwarts?
– Stonewall High

6. Where was Harry born?
– Godric’s Hollow

7. What was Harry’s mother’s maiden name?
– Evans

8. Who put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire?
– Barty Crouch Jr

9. Who is the Hufflepuff house ghost?
– The Fat Friar

10: How many staircases does Hogwarts have?
– 142

Thanks everyone for entering the contest, and once again congratulations to the lucky winners!