The Devil

The seventh book about the mostly unfortunate adventures of moral champion Jack Taylor sees him go face to face with perhaps his mightiest adversary so far... Ken Bruen is a marvel. Noone writes like him, and it may be an acquired taste, but oh it's worth it! Start with The Guards and then you'll be hooked. A great extra with Ken Bruen's books are all the terrific literary tips he gives; Jack Taylor is forever reading good books, books you want to find out more about. Do not tarry!

What I Read on my Easter Vacation!

I brought four books to the south coast of Cyprus and enjoyed them all:

Pirate Latitudes

Michael Crichton
Pirate Latitudes
Trade Paperback


Erica Spindler

English Bookshop at the Gothenburg Book Fair!


We're off for a few days, the Stockholm shop will be closed Thursday, Friday and Monday, but the Uppsala shop is open as usual.


Charles Cumming is part of a new generation of British writers of spy fiction. Typhoon is his latest excellent book. Hong Kong & China, MI6 & CIA, love & betrayal, the brits & the yanks. Great read. And don't miss out on his earlier books! Think early Le Carré.

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