Ebooks at The English Bookshop

Your favourite bookshop partners with the world's largest and most versatile ebookseller Kobo in Canada.

This means that by following the link from our ebook-page, The English Bookshop will get a commission on everything you buy without it costing you anything extra.

So, why buy ebooks through The English Bookshop? Well, in the future more and more books will be sold digitally and because our strength as a bookshop lies in physical books, we feel we should stick to what we know and love best. Some of you will sometimes want a book as an ebook and by setting up this partnership with Kobo, we can help point you in the right direction and still make a little money from it, thus assuring a future for our physical shops.

And why Kobo? Well, they're in Canada so they sell titles both North-American and British (just like we do in our shops!), which means they can offer more titles than virtually anyone else. And they sell in many, many formats, so whatever platform you are on you can find it here. And their prices are good, too.

So how does it work? Simply follow the link from our ebook-page and search the Kobo site, register with them and buy whatever you want. By using the link provided on our site to enter Kobo, they see that you are our customer and your purchase is logged to our benefit.

Sound good? Read more at bookshop.se/ebooks !