The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

A heartwarming and endearing book about recent OAP Harold Fry, who one day gets a letter from an old friend saying she's dying of cancer in Berick-upon-Tweed. Struck by this he goes down the road to post a letter, and then just continues to walk, thinking that as long as he's walking to see her, she will not die. He has no proper walking shoes, no maps, no compass, no waterproof clothes, just a will to see Queenie Hennesy again, talk to her, and to save her life. This is the story of Harold Fry, of his wife, and son, of Queenie, who is dying, and of all the people Harold meets along his way from the very south of England up to Berwick. One of the most moving books I've read lately! A tad sentimental (mostly in a good way), but well-written enough to evade the obvious traps. I was crying and smiling and laughing my way through most of it, and when finished, it left me with a wonderfully fullfilling feeling. A lovely book!