Book Release ”See You in Ezra Street”

Book Release ”See You in Ezra Street”

GÖTEBORG | Saturday 10th Dec at 17:30. Free.

See You in Ezra Street by Ranjita Dutta Roy captures the dramatic uncertainty of a young woman striking up new roots, dealing with her love affair, while absorbing the dramatic lessons from her grandfather’s life in colonial India.

Born and raised in Sweden, the introverted life of Tanushree Roy Choudhury, a young music scholar with Indian roots, takes a dramatic turn when she suddenly gets strong hallucinations about her family’s past and starts searching for answers. Answers which her parents had always left unknown.

Join us in the Göteborg shop for a presentation and book release festivities. Yummy food bites served.

Göteborg: Saturday 10th December at 17:30
Free – bring a friend. Yummy food bites served.