Afternoon Tea Talk: Merlin and the gods

Afternoon Tea Talk: Merlin and the gods

UPPSALA | Sunday 15th April at 16:30

 – What is the conflict between Merlin and religion?

 – How did the Christians distort the legend of Merlin and Camelot to suit their own purposes?

 – Why does Merlin cry the words of Lucretius, ‘Tantum religio potuit suadere malrum – Only religion can lead to such evil’?

Afternoon Tea Talk with Rhuddem Gwelin:
Merlin & the gods – magic and religion throughout the centuries
Find out in this new talk by Rhuddem Gwelin, the author of The Merlin Chronicles.
Get your ticket at the bookshop today – limited seating.
Sunday 15th April at 16.30
Tickets 60:- incl yummy afternoon tea.