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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane (Scots)

J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane (Scots)

Book of the month for December

Jenni Fagan – The Sunlight Pilgrims is our book of the month for December. Set in a Scottish caravan park during a freak winter – it is snowing in Jerusalem, the Thames is overflowing, and an iceberg separated from the Fjords in Norway is expected to arrive off the coast of Scotland – The Sunlight Pilgrims tells the story of a small Scottish community living through what people have begun to think is the end of times…

3 books cured my flu

Well, I've been home with the flu a few days and I managed to finish three books I thought I'd tell you about.

The Swedish Girl (DCI Lorimer #10)

Alex Gray
The Swedish Girl (DCI Lorimer #10)
Trade Paperback

In Gamla Stan: The Queens of Scotland

11/9 The Queens of Scotland 15 o'clock in Gamla Stan.

Glaswegian writers Karen Campbell & Helen Fitzgerald, strong fresh voices of the current generation of Scottish authors, visit The English Bookshop for a reading and Q&A. Karen Campbell has written four of the strongest police novels to emerge from the UK in the last decade. Helen Fitzgerald has written six astounding novels that defy definition with their unorthodox portrayals of women.

The Twilight Time (Anna Cameron #1)

Great first book from a new Scottish crime writer. Set in Glasgow with a strong complex female lead character, Sergeant Anna Cameron.
– I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read the next one.

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