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I tend to read books with odd/dark/querky characters, the genre does not really matter it is the story that interests me. (I read very little non-fiction but aim to read more.) I listen quite a lot to audiobooks (mostly crime novels), it is a great company while doing boring houshold chores or being out walking alone. I am quite often outdoors "geocaching"(searching for hidden containers with gps) and it is great that I can do that while listening to/reading a book. A few of my favourite authors: Tawni O'Dell, John Green, Helen Fitzgerald, Jasper Fforde, Joe Abercrombie, Terry Pratchett, Val McDermid, Charles Stross, Neil Gaiman, Karen Campbell...


One of the first gifts that I recieved from my grandfather as an adult was a beautifully bound hardback copy of Louisa May Allcott’s Little Women. From then on I was bestowed with a classic each year The Complete Works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen amongst them. Jeffrey Archer, Bernard Cornwall, Gerald Durell and Nevil Shute were a few of the authors that I remember enjoying as a teen. A healthy interest in thriller, adventure, love and travel fiction blossomed for me and to this day I can imagine nothing homelier than a great book, a purring cat and a boyfriend in the kitchen making chicken soup for dinner... ahh bliss.
In recent years I have been regretful to finish several books, amongst them; A Million Little Pieces, Lovely Bones, His Dark Materials, The Dice Man and I hate to say it Twilight Saga (I think I was rather brave to admit that!)

I’ll be turning thirty at the end of the year and I’m beginning to feel that I need to use books to my intellectual advantage rather than pure escapism. Therefore, I’ve promised myself to read more non-fiction and swedish literature next year. Let’s see how long it lasts before the adventure books start shouting at me from the shelves!


I've been working in bookshops since I was 14 and my favorite thing is still the same: when a costumer with no stress comes in and I can place the costumer in an armchair and then just go loco with all the titles I think he or she should read. I read everything from Fyodor Dostoevsky to Sylvia Plath, Joseph Conrad to Chuck Palahniuk and Tana French to Chad Kultgen (and yes: sometimes I even read Sophie Kinsella covered under my more work-related copy of Ariostotle's "Rhetoric"). I tell you more when you visit the shop!


I study full time at the university in town, a bachelor called Rhetorical and Literal Communication which basically means that I study rhetoric and literature. Because of what I study I guess you can imagine that my job is like having a little bit of heaven in a box!

We are a geeky gang working in the shop in Uppsala and we all have our own favourite authors we want you to discover and enjoy. A couple of books I personally don't want you to miss are The Tiny Wife written by Andrew Kaufman, I, robot by Isaac Asimov, the classic Persuasion by Jane Austen and Good Omens by my heroes Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Something I want to emphasize: don't neglect the short stories! Collections like The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories by Susanna Clark and the collection of essays by Virginia Woolf: The Common Reader,
they have all changed my very existence. Beautifully written, amazing to discover. Read them all!

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